Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Something New for 2016

A quick jaunt over to Phoenix this weekend and I have a new racecar sitting in the shop for next year. More details to follow. Should be exciting.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SportsCar's "Who Will Win" at the 2015 SCCA Solo Nationals

Chris Fenter is the pick in C-Street for 2015, but I got a mention in this year's article. We have a huge class so it will be a battle to see who can try to prove SportsCar wrong.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Coilovers vs. Tires on Mighty Car Mods

Mighty Car Mods did a test on lap time gain from swapping on some high-performance tires vs. a set of coilovers. Obviously it depends on which parts/tires you choose spring rates, car setup, the dirver etc....but it's still an interesting comparison for the trackday fanboys.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Taking the F150 up Pikes Peak

Our turbo-charged Pikes Peak hill climber......complete with pit bike in the bed

After the Colorado Championship Tour two weeks ago, I took the opportunity to drive up Pikes Peak. Being a Monday morning, the traffic was low and I didn't really get held up going up or down. As you can see from the photos below, the view was well worth it.

Crossing the finish line
Heading back down

Rain storm trying to move in

And as soon as we got down the mountain, the storm moved in and the peak disappeared

Give the topic and the hill climb going on last weekend, check out the TV Coverage of the 1995 Hill Climb. It's almost worth it just for the retro commercials:

Monday, June 22, 2015


Based on the 1967 Ferrari 312 Formula 1 car. No price listed. If you have to ask......


SpeedHunters Article:

Photo credit: Mike Garrett,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Colorado Championship Tour Autocross with a view of Pikes Peak

Good result this past weekend in my final National SCCA event before Solo Nationals in September. After a very late arrival Friday night, I ran first heat on Saturday and wrapped the weekend with a win on Sunday. Ali and I took a short vacation after the race and went hiking in the Garden of the Gods and then I drove up the famed Pikes Peak highway. With the hill climb coming in two weeks, it was very cool (/terrifying...) to drive to the 14K foot summit. More photos from the event to follow.

Here is my onboard video:

Thanks to my partners:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Colorado Championship Tour this Weekend at PPIR

We are headed to CO this afternoon for my first Colorado Championship Tour in the FR-S. Slight setup change (different front bar) from Mineral Wells to try something new, but the main purpose is to have some fun and practice for Solo Nats. As usual, C-Street is one of the biggest classes. Here is the entry list for this weekend:

CS Runs first heat and the format will be same as Solo Nationals - 3 runs Saturday and 3 runs on Sunday. 

Live timing:

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Shreddin' Tires at the Mineral Wells ProSolo

It was a hot one this past weekend in Mineral Wells for the ProSolo, but the entry count was up over 200 and the courses were fun compared to the normal too-tight-too-slow ProSolo courses. I was able to pick up my second win of the season which gives me maximum points going into September's ProSolo Finale in Lincoln. I led after each Heat but couldn't find any time more time on Sunday morning in Heat 3. I sweated it out while my competitors time started to drop, but I was able to hang on for the 0.37s victory. 

See below for photos and onboard video:

Thanks to the Rutherfords and their large cameras for the great photos from Saturday!

Hot Day - spraying the tires during the driver change
Dad out on track

My onboard video:

Next up, Ali, the dog and I are off to the Colorado Championship Tour the following weekend. I'm looking forward to my first event at PPIR and the chance to practice the "Solo Nats" format one more time before the big show in September.

Thanks to Ali, my family and my partners for the support this weekend:

Another trip to Lincoln - Another Spring Nats in the books

I'm a bit behind and I need to get ready for the Colorado Tour this weekend so I'll cut to the chase...


I finished P3 in the ProSolo behind both Chris's in the MX-5. I red-lit a faster run in Heat 3 but it would would have still left me hundredths behind Harvey and with a good gap to Fenter. I left a lot of time at the lights and with my 60/200ft times. That little MX-5 is killing me off the line - I'll need to improve here before the Finale. 

Championship Tour

I finished P2 in the Champ Tour in a large 21 car field. We had wet weather on Day 1 and Fenter stretched out a 0.8s lead going into Day 2. On Day 2, I made some damping changes and the car felt the best it had all weekend in Lincoln. I was able to match the MX-5 on Day 2 but had no chance over overcoming the Day 1 gap.

Here is onboard video from Lincoln:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Registered for the Colorado Championship Tour

I like Colorado so it's hard to pass up a National SCCA event at PPIR if I have room in the schedule. Ali and I will be heading to Fountain, CO the weekend after the Mineral Wells ProSolo making it three out of four weekend running the C-Street FR-S. We have 10 entries in the class so far and we are looking forward for our trip to mountains.