Friday, March 4, 2016

Onboard Video - T4 RX-8 NOLA Pole Lap 1:58.4

A full recap of the my first Majors race weekend is on the way (spoiler alert....broken engine), but here is onboard video from Sunday's qualifying session.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Speedway Motors 2015 Solo Nationals Music Video

Speedway Motors released their always anticipated music video highlights of the Solo Nationals. Thee 2015 version did not disappoint. I made the video for the first time with a quick cameo at 1:32 getting a fist bump from D Whitener. Some cool footage and definitely shows the variety of cars we see on the Lincoln concrete each year. Thanks Speedway!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

In NOLA This Weekend for the SCCA Majors Tour

 We are in Nawlins this weekend for the first round of the Mid-States Conference US Majors Tour. The car is back together and running well. Yesterday I picked up my first pole, led every lap and took home the win in Touring 4 class. I run in Group 5 which has a large mixed field (40+cars) with 9 different classes including some cars on DOT race tires and some casrs on full slicks.


 Saturday's race was 25min and today's race is 18 laps or 35min (whichever comes first). Right now, Jim Drago has pipped me for Sunday's pole with a faster race lap yesterday (1:59.2) but I have a chance to re-claim the pole in qualifying today. A 35min race will actually be the longest stint/race of my career and certainly a bit different than autocross!

Qualifying today is 10:10am and the race is at 3:10pm. 

You can follow along here:

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Search for a Champion Contest 2016 Update

The voting round to select the 15 finalist from the Advanced entries has come to a close. Thanks to everybody who has voted! The finalists will be announced on February 16th at Champion's website.

Over the past month, I posted a few promo clips to my various social media accounts. Here they are:





Sunday, February 7, 2016

T4 RX8 Update - Car is in pieces now

It's been radio silence here for the past few weeks. I've been busy in the shop since my first race weekend at MSR Cresson three weeks ago. Despite the frigid weather that weekend, it started reasonably on Saturday morning. I was the only T4 car there (small field overall, non-points early season race) and there is no data/times for T4 cars on this Cresson configuration to go on so I didn't really know where the car's pace should be. My goal was to push, feel how it performed over a race distance, and generally "get used to" club racing on a practice weekend. The RX8 felt great under braking and had a good balance. I'm till having an issue with the trans popping out of 3rd with any throttle lift, so I was mostly driving one-handed. Not ideal but I can work around it. I bought a spare 2009 transmission which will be going in the car, and I will rebuild the current trans.

It all went to hell in qualifying though.....I ran 3 flyers and got my lap time in a range I thought was decent and then had a slight miss in 4th gear on the double apex left. I ran around 2 more laps trying to diagnose the problem (intermittent anywhere on track vs. only in corners vs. only in that corner, etc.) when the motor took a dump. Darin George at MER (Mazda Enterprises Racing) was nice and towed me over to their shop. He did a compression test which showed great compression on Rotor #2 and zero compression on Rotor #1. Basically, something broke and I needed a rebuild.

I got my motor to MER the following Friday and they tore it down. The side seals on Rotor #1 had burned up. Rotor # 1 needed to be replaced, but luckily the rotor housing was OK. The engine failure was actually a blessing in disguise because we found several "potential rules issues" with the engine that was in the car. In the end, MER brokered a deal with Texas Autosports to purchase my original engine and I purchased a freshly rebuilt, fully factory spec RX-8 engine. I will be able to pick the motor up next Thursday the 11th and then I can get started on getting the car back driveable. I will take the car back to MER on the 20th for engine tuning prior to my first race.

My next race on the schedule was supposed February 13th-14th at TWS. TWS regional is out now, so my next race will be the first Mid-States Conference Major at NOLA Motorsports Park. I was really hoping to have the regional races to practice before NOLA, but I will go ahead and throw myself into the deep end with a Majors weekend. No time like the present to find out if I'll be competitive or not this year.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Registered for my first race in the T4 RX-8

The entry is small (only 27 cars total) given that it's an early season non-points race, but I wanted to get some practice in before the US Majors season starts. This will basically be a practice session and a weekend to get comfortable running SCCA weekends as this will actually be my first SCCA Club Race ever! Right now, I will be running with 7 cars in the "Closed Wheel" race group which will be myself, STL, STU, SM, SRX7 - and a GT1 car which should be ridiculous. Hopefully a few more cars register....

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015: Yaw Moment Racing Year in Review

February 2015: First visit to JerryWorld, first Supercross race

February 2015: Kicked off the season with teaching an EVO School in Tucson and driving this SM beast at a local autocross the next day 

March 2015: Visited Hendrick's NASCAR Shop and Museum

March 2015: Finished basic prep on the FR-S for C-Street

March 2015: Was about to leave for Arkansas for the Blytheville when snowstorm THOR forced it's postponement

April 2015: Won our first event in the FR-S at the College Station Championship Tour

May 2015: Won C-Street at the Blytheville ProSolo 

May 2015: Finished 3rd at the Spring Nats ProSolo and 2nd at the Spring Nats Champ Tour

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Mineral Wells ProSolo

June 2015: We parted ways with the ESP Camaro

June 2015: Won C-Street at the Colorado Championship Tour and drove up Pikes Peak in the F150

August 2015: Did some engineering...

August 2015: Made a burner trip to Phoenix over one weekend to buy the T4 RX-8

September 2015: Finished 2nd at the ProSolo Finale and 2nd in C-Street class point for the year

September 2015: Won the C-Street National Championship

September 2015: Won the Solo Triad for wins in C-Street through the 2015 Season

September 2015: Another Trip to the Nürburgring and Mireval, France. I got to spectate at some cool racing on the Nordschleife and the GP-Strecke when not working in Germany.

October 2015: Got to visit the Stewart-HAAS Racing shop

Nov 2015: Started pit bike racing in the backyard

Dec 2015: Something special shows up in the mail....

Dec 2015: Received my Full SCCA Competition License

Dec 2015: Got the T4 RX-8 on track for the first time in preparation for my Runoffs campaign in 2016